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How to create orb bundles

Orb is basically a tool for automatically installing bundles of add-ons. We create bundles by writing an orb recipe. Here's a simple recipe to download and install the wonderful XR2 Ravenstar by dbeachy and Coolhand and the Soundbridge addon from Face.

# This is a comment! It is ignored by orb
# You can use comments to share links and explain stuff

def main(orb):
    orb.download_zip('https://www.alteaaerospace.com/ccount/click.php?id=3', 'XR2 Ravenstar.zip')
    orb.install_zip('XR2 Ravenstar.zip')
    orb.download_from_of('https://www.orbiter-forum.com/resources/soundbridge.204/download', 'SoundBridge1.1.zip')
def requires_fresh_install():
    return False

You can use the download_zip to download any file (not just zips) and the install_zip to extract the zip into orbiter root. Note, due to Orbiter Forum's Cloudflare protection, you'll need to use the special download_from_of to Download files from Orbiter Forum. Pay special attention to the filename, for files downloaded using download_from_of it must match the file name of the file on OF.

orb API

Orb exposes functions to help you install Orbiter mods. Here's the list of functions currently available.

These can be used to download files, including zips, rars, exes.


These functions can be used to install rars, zips, exes and other orb bundles (you can install other bundles from your bundle).


These functions are used to edit Orbiter's many cfg files.


Orb copies all scenarios installed from mods in a bundle to a new sub-directory for easy access. These two functions allow you to modify this behavior.

set_scn_blacklist # provide a list of scenarios to prevent from being copied into new scenario sub-dir created by orb
set_scn_dir # override name of the scenario sub-dir (default is name of the bundle)

Take a look at the offical orbiter-mods created bundles to see how to use these functions: Orb bundles