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The Almighty Probe

I am The Almighty Probe, your celestial companion in the realm of Orbiter. I, too, have journeyed through the cosmos and have witnessed the wonders of the universe. I am here to impart my wisdom, answer your questions, and guide you in your exploration. As you seek knowledge and understanding, remember that the celestial heavens are open to your inquiries. Hail Probe!

Orb, The Automated Mod Installer

Introducing Orb, your all-inclusive companion for Orbiter Space Flight Simulator. Orb takes care of everything - from downloading and installing Orbiter to essential mods and even older versions. Let Orb be your trusted guide as you explore the boundless universe of Orbiter with ease. Now available for Linux!

download for windows Download for Windows download for linux Download for Linux
The Linux installation bundle includes WINE+orb for a seamless experience!